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A Traditional German Christmas Market Continues....
Traditional Christmas Market Items Pewter and Foil Stars on the Tree

Nürnberg’s "Christkindlesmarkt" maybe the best known of all is really our favorite.

Usually, the Christmas markets were held around
the cities main church to attract churchgoers. But they were so enticing that a priest in Nürnberg in 1616 complained that he could not hold the
afternoon service on Christmas Eve because no
one attended it.

The Christkindlesmarkt or (Christ child's Market) in medieval Nürnberg , one of the most famous ones, has survived until the present day mainly as a market for the sale of toys and other presents for the Christmas festival. The market stalls are decorated with branches of fir and lit by lanterns. In about one third of them food specialties of Nürnberg are offered, such as Rostbratwürste (fried sausages), Lebkuchen (spicy gingerbread), Glühwein (mulled wine) and Früchtebrot (rich fruit loaf). As it has always been, the larger part of the items sold are Christmas decorations, toys, arts and crafts articles, Christmas cribs and candles.

The first official record of this pre-Christmas market dates to 1628. A list of notices for stallholders from 1737 shows that nearly all of Nürnberg's craftsmen were represented at the Nürnberg’s Christmas Market which Back then 140 persons were given the right to sell their wares

Each year Christmas markets spring up around Germany in the weeks before the holidays, signaling the beginning of Advent building up to Christens.  Starting on the Sunday after 26 November Advent begins with quiet contemplative days in November, but excitement and activity increase as Christmas approaches, accompanied by the usual shopping, preparation of special food and Advent celebrations. Natural Roping using German Fröbel Stars hand-crafted by our staff Designer Robert Lee Eberhardt, III
Traditional hand crafted Straw Stars hand painted Wax Stars The Advent Wreath (Adentskranz) is a very popular decoration in German homes. It consists of a circular wreath of pine-branches with four red candles on it. On the first Sunday in Advent , the first candle on the wreath is lit, two candles are lit on the second, three on he third and four on the fours Sunday, immediately prior to Christmas which is celebrated on the evening of the 24th of Decembe
Today, centuries-old tradition reaches back to a time when regular seasonal Christmas Markets and serves much the same function. That would be a festive, musical or carnival-style entertainment and a meeting place for locals providing a market place for cottage industries style Arts and Crafts Handmade Christmas ornaments and decorations. Bavarian Pewter Music Box graces the Christmas Tree
Some of the most traditional German handicrafts can be found here in the weeks before Christmas; from nutcrackers, wooden figurines, hand painted Wax Ornaments, straw stars and smokers, to cookie tins, hand blown glass Christmas ornaments, toys of all types, collectable dolls, German Foil Stars, Fröbel Stars and Bavarian Pewter Ornaments.

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