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The Story of Madame Alexander Creator of Dolls Treasured By Collectors....
Beatrice Madame Alexander

Madame Alexander Dolls have been treasured by collectors and loved by children for as long as we all can remember. The story goes, by the turn of the century, when a little girl named Beatrice Alexander who, lived over her fathers doll hospital. It was the first doll hospital in the country. Dolls in those days were mostly made of porcelain and a doll hospital was in great demand. Many a child's heart was broken when her dear dolly's head was cracked. Very early in life, Beatrice understood the special bond between a little girl and her dolls.

When World War I cut off the supply of Imported dolls, Beatrice Alexander began to create her own. In 1923, her husband, Phillip Behrman, encouraged her to go into business and the Madame Alexander Doll Company became an immediate success.

From the beginning until now, more than 75 years, the dolls are under constant supervision entirely assembled, dressed, and finished by hand in the New York City factory and are considered the worlds most beautiful dolls.

Mrs. Behrman was always known in the doll world as "Madame," for her old-world graciousness and her insistence on high standards of elegance and workmanship. Throughout the years Madame Alexander and her design staff always strived to achieve a standard of excellence that became an American tradition

Skilled, patient hands set in the dolls lustrous eyes and paint their faces, their feathery brows and expressive mouths.

Anastasia Portrettes Doll by Madame Alexander
Portrettes Doll by Madame Alexander Lady In Red Hair is combed, curled or braided with skill worthy of the best Salons. The warehouse overflows with deftly chosen fabrics, trimmings, and miniature jewels to be hand sewn. Even the dolls tiny fingernails are polished by hand. Madame Alexander Dolls...

"An American Tradition for over 75 Years!"

Here at Shop Toy Chest we are proud to offer the largest collection of retired Madame Alexander Dolls from the Alexander Dolls Company in New York City. We have served as a Madame Alexander Doll Dealer for over Forty Years. The dolls that I carry were designed by the "Madame" herself! They are now retired. When you purchase a doll direct from us you in turn will be the doll’s first owner! Our dolls were purchased at the time of production and have been in our keeping for all of this time. We do not sell other's collection! Although from time to time we do put collectors together who have older collections. Please Note! Our collection is close to the one only available. So please order as soon as possible.
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